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Job Description: To build, test and repair electronic products utilizing prints, work instructions, and test equipment. MAJOR AREAS OF ACCOUNTABILITY o Assemble and Test: With minimal supervision, assembles, solders, downloads embedded software, and calibrates electro-mechanical products using advanced data acquisition equipment. Customizes units per customer request. Configures the product to customer order utilizing work instructions, shop orders, assembly prints, tools and fixturing. o Perform RA Functions: Process all Returned Equipment Requests, Evaluate/Repair Returned Product, Determine Acceptability of Product, Maintain Order Files, RA Database, Evaluate and Maintain Supplies Used for Repair, and Scientific Problem Solving Tools. Evaluate and write evaluation reports on returned equipment. Determine repair needs and process repairs. o Perform Diagnosis and Document Failures: Performs diagnosis and document assembly failures per DMR policy, encountered during testing. Repairs failures when necessary. Assists in repair of RER electronics products. o Perform Stockroom Function in Electronics Area: Picks parts for routings, pick shippers, maintains accuracy in inventory levels. Performs computer transactions on shop orders. o Process Improvements: Communicates and supports the 'Cell' team and continuous improvement concepts by suggesting changes/improvements of set-ups and work instructions. Assists in documentation and control of those work instructions in accordance with the Process Change/Control policy. o Productivity and Efficiency: Understands the workflow of the area in order to move the products in a continuous fashion, while maintaining the quality of the product and being productive in order to adhere to required ship dates. Maintains required Electrical Static Discharge (ESD) per requirements. Demonstrates an awareness of potential safety hazards. o Apparent or Assigned: Performs related work as apparent or assigned.



QUALIFICATIONS FOR ENTRY o High school diploma/GED. o 2 years work experience in testing and repairing electronic assemblies with surface mount technology. o Normal vision, hearing and dexterity. o Demonstrated ability to read, understand and interpret work instructions and assembly prints. o Demonstrated ability to perform basic computer transactions. o Demonstrated ability to communicate (verbal/written) effectively with customers, suppliers, and employees.
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