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Job Description: Job purpose The purpose of this role is to define, implement, and manage the process for orderly and timely receipt, inventory, and shipment of deliveries in and out of the facility. Duties and responsibilities • Recommend and implement a racking and warehouse location coding system for use across all product lines and inventories. • Oversee the process of manually or electronically deducting or adding inventory into warehouse locations. • Verify and record outgoing and incoming shipments: compare identifying information and counts, weighs, or measures items of incoming and outgoing shipments to verify information against bills of lading, invoices, orders, packing slips and other records. • Distribute incoming parts, components, and supplies to rack locations, log equipment into repair bench locations, or prepare for shipment to customer. • Define staging areas for equipment preparing to be shipped or awaiting parts. • Determine method of shipment, utilize knowledge of shipping procedures, routes, and rates. Post weights and shipping charges, affix postage. • Affix shipping labels or stencils identifying shipping information on cartons, boxes, or crates. • Design and build all crating systems for delivery of equipment to customers, work sites, or trade shows; or purchase pre-build containers. Collaborate choice of carrier, method of crating, details for customs, and paperwork with responsible employee. • Examine outgoing shipments to ensure shipments meet specifications. • Unpack and examine incoming shipments, reject damaged items, record shortages, and correspond with shipper to rectify damages and shortages. • Resolve shipping or receiving issues by harmonizing shipping numbers and ‘holds’ • Complete packing and shipping of all marketing material, demonstration products, and display cases used at trade shows.



Qualifications include: • Experience completing machine shop/mechanical or other repair work in an industrial environment • Experience working with hand or mechanical equipment to life, haul, or manipulate freight. • Advanced working knowledge and experience with a variety warehouse processes and systems for maintaining an accurate inventory count, safe working environment, and international / domestic shipping and handling protocol.
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