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Job Description: WASTEWATER TREATMENT OPERATOR Local manufacturer is currently seeking a Wastewater Treatment Operator. This position will be responsible for overseeing the operations and maintenance of the industrial wastewater treatment plant to ensure the safe, efficient and economical treatment of wastewater in compliance with applicable local, state and federal environmental requirements . To be successful, the Wastewater Operator requires a high degree of independent judgment in accomplishing the work and developing continuous improvement programs. This position will also manage our other environmental permits. Responsibilities: * Controls the proper treatment and discharge of industrial wastewater. * Ability to perform, analyze, and interpret laboratory tests for making operational adjustments, this includes independent testing of each waste batch to ensure treatability while minimizing treatment costs.. * Operate and adjust treatment plant chemical pumps, mixers, feeders and other equipment to maintain appropriate plant operations. * Maintain, compile and update plant operations logs and reports; perform and record calculations related to plant operational activities. * Manage inventory of chemical along with offloading of sludge. * Prepare annual Wastewater Treatment report for the EPA . * Perform daily maintenance, cleaning, and calibration of equipment. * Maintain records for Environmental Permitting in terms of Wastewater Discharge, Air Quality, Stormwater Runoff and Spill Prevention Control Plan. * Performs all housekeeping duties that are required.



Basic Qualifications: * Preferred a minimum one year of professional experience in the operation of a wastewater treatment facility. * Effectively plan, organize workload and schedule time to meet the demands of the position. * Must be available for emergency overtime. * High School graduate or equivalent required, with technical/vocational school background preferred. * Satisfactory completion of background examination, physical examination, and drug testing. * Effective and respectful communication and interactions with other employees, supervisors and individuals from other organizations. * Able to prepare professional looking reports. * Must have strong computer skills (Excel, Word, email, internet, etc.).
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