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Job Description: JOB SUMMARY: - Perform component set-up in feeders and magazines for use on an automated pick and place SMT line. (understanding component package types and polarities as necessary for resistors, capacitors, inductors, and various Integrated Circuit packages - whether in reels, tubes, or trays) - Create packages for components that are new or change existing packages that may be incorrect - Use of computer and other software packages to optimize machine use and placements - Operate and troubleshoot with a basic process understanding through solder paste screen printing, pick and place machine, and reflow oven. (ensuring the use of the correct programs as documented and checking the accuracy of all programs through supporting documentation) - X-ray inspection as necessary. - Inspection and product review, including solder touch-up, hand clean or automated inline clean as necessary to build and basic rework of PCB assemblies per IPC-A-610 and J-Std for Class 2 and Class 3 assemblies per build documentation with scopes and basic hand tools - Advanced rework as trained on SRT BGA rework (or similar) equipment - Works with Product Engineers and production to manufacture 'proto-type and first build products JOB DUTIES: - Maintains and aligns solder paste stencils, applies solder paste to achieve an even and consistent screen print on all apertures. - Replenishes and controls all SMT components such as capacitors, resistors, and ICs in a pick and place machine, verifies component positioning, values and polarity. - Fills in process documentation to be complete and accurate. Use proper reflow oven programs as determined by engineering to adequately process lead or lead-free solder pastes to developed acceptable solder joints at each solder connection on the assembly. These settings should ensure that each job is able to produce a quality product on a timely basis per print and routings. - Review routings against prints to ensure consistency. - Verify correct programs and revisions are called out on routers. Responsible for the monitoring of floor stock inventory such as solder paste and monitoring expiration dates and informing Supervisor or Lead when low or expired, Cleans equipment, maintains and follows PM schedules, responsible for identifying when maintenance is needed. - Learn machine part parameters and programs to ensure optimization of machine time usage. - Able to produce a quality product on a timely basis per print and routings. Work with engineers and technicians to set up and run products through any of the soldering processes performed by machines or associates. Periodic hand soldering under a scope is required for solder touch up and product review of solder joints. Uses basic hand tools, special fasteners, soldering iron and measuring devices. May be required to measure and record product data. Will perform hand soldering work while using a scope, some components may be necessary to tin (add solder to solderable surfaces) prior to SMT placement. Prepares wire by cutting, stripping, twisting, tinning and solders, or fastens wires, cables, resistors, capacitors and other parts and components to pwb's, connectors, and assemblies. Cleans parts and hand placed components during production processes. May be required to train other employees and assist in orientation of new employees. Employees may be requested to perform other duties not mentioned above. This description reflects the principal functions of the job and should not be construed as a detailed responsibility list for every function described. May be used in other areas and departments of manufacturing as workload dictates. Assists co-workers when necessary to meet work unit goals. Actively seeks continuous process improvement Follows all ISO 9001 and AS 9100 work instructions and general department procedures. Will be responsible for the quality or work and meeting daily quantity standards. Keep facilities, materials and work area clean, organized and free of FOD, exercising care in their use. Use safety practices and takes prompt action to correct problems.



JOB SPECIFICATIONS: 1.) High School education or equivalent, two years of experience in set-up, operation and troubleshooting of surface mount technology and microscope soldering. 2.) Experience in programming of SMT equipment is highly desirable. ** Will be required to pass J-STD & IPC-A-610 Certification to be qualified to perform the job duties of a Surface Mount Operator/Solderer. 3.) Follows oral and written instructions, and must be fluent at reading blueprints. Work may involve repetitive motion and is performed primarily in standing position, may require sitting, twisting and stooping positions. Job duties require working with and around chemicals. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly exposed to odors and warm temperatures. 4.) Visual exams are required pre-hire and biennial to confirm visual acuity of 20/20 with or without glasses along with passing a standard color vision exam. Must be able to perform job functions while using a scope. 5.) Scheduled overtime may be required.
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