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Job Description: HEAVY EQUIPMENT SERVICE MECHANIC DESCRIPTION: As a Heavy Equipment Service Mechanic, you will troubleshoot and diagnose problems on various types of heavy equipment and make necessary repairs.



REQUIREMENTS: o Safe work habits and ability to maintain safe working conditions o Strong mechanical aptitude - technical understanding of hydraulics, electrical and primary functions of a broad range of equipment used in our industry o Knowledge of basic hydraulics and 12-volt electrical systems o Knowledge of wiring stop/start systems and ability to use programmer o Knowledge of sizes of fittings and hydraulic hoses o Able to operate saw for cutting steel o Able to operate plasma cutter o Able to use oxygen/acetylene torch o Ability to adjust pressures and reliefs o Basic math skills o Ability to read and understand electrical and hydraulic schematics o Ability to work independently o Follow-through to complete on-going projects o Mechanical design and/or practical experience in hydraulics, structural or mechanical layout o High level of Mechanical Aptitude: Ability to understand fundamentals of mechanical systems as related to the commercial truck industry
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