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Job Description: JOB FUNCTION: Performs any combination of tasks to set up and operate some types of welding machines that join together parts of fabricated metal products as specified by mechanical drawings. Must plan, lay out, set up and perform some work assignments independently. Must use correct templates and accurately position and fit parts with an average tolerance in accordance with mechanical drawings and instructions on shop drawing. QUALIFICATIONS: A. EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE 1. High School diploma or general education degree (GED); or equivalent combination of education and experience. 2. Some Vo-Tech training and/or six months experience. B. SPECIFIC JOB KNOWLEDGE 1. Basic knowledge of using welding machines. DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: A. DUTIES 1. Sets up and operates some types of welding machines. 2. Reads and interprets most mechanical drawings and shop routing. 3. Plans, lays out and performs some types of welding operations. 4. Welds standard parts with average tolerances. 5. Selects and uses correct welding rods and clamps. 6. Selects correct fabricated parts to weld. B. EQUIPTMENT USED 1. MIG Welding Machine 2. TIG Welding Machine. 3. Pedestal grinders 4. Acetylene torch



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